Why be strong?……Why the Hell Not?

Love this!

DelBarrio Strength

I’ll admit, I was on the whole “Zumba? B-word I lift!” bandwagon….First off I shouldn’t judge anyone taking an initiative to better their health, no matter what exercise modality they decide to follow……If it’s got you moving and it makes you happy then do it. But Zumba or any other form of cardio alone will not cut it……You need to strength train…..Can you do Zumba and Still strength train….Hell to the Yes. Can you do Zumba and Still be strong? You best to believe your cotton candy ass you can!

Why be strong?

Why the Hell Not?

Well here is one reason….“Strength creates curves”~~ Bret Contreras <— Belieh Dat.

If you are worried about losing your curves, no worries because strength training enhances curves!

See, since we don’t have a sack of balls, we won’t build bulky muscle like men…..That is the truth. In order for you to look like…

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