The harsh and ignorant criticisms of Neymar

The awesome blog of NeymarsHaircut.


Every now and then a bright little talent emerges in Brazil with the potential to be one of the very best players to walk the earth. We saw it first with the likes of Pele and Garinicha, who have set a real high standard of Brazillian Football, with Pele being regarded as one of the best players of all time, and was even made a national treasure by the Brazillian Government to stop him being transferred to Europe, forcing him to stay at Santos, despite his desire to play for Manchester United or Barcelona.


Pele is on the left and Garinicha is on the right.

Ever since the ‘Golden Era’ of Brazillian football in the 50s and 60s several more players have come along the likes of Zico and Romario to name a few. But let’s look at some modern day players who had that potential. You have the…

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